Our story begins with two brothers who have grown up fishing all over the beautiful state of Florida.  We work together as an owner/operator team combining our 20+ years each of fishing knowledge to provide our customers with the best experience possible.  Growing up on the west coast of Florida we tried to calm our insatiable love for fishing on the flats of Tampa Bay and the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico catching anything from redfish, trout, snook, tarpon, cobia, grouper, and snapper this is just to name a few.  As we settled in to our careers we were afforded the ability to purchase numerous boats and charter fish with some of the most world renowned captains in some very exotic destinations.  This opened our eyes to the world of big game blue water fishing.  After settling in to Ft. Lauderdale a few years back we decided to chase our life long dream of owning a charter fishing business.  We purchased a boat capable of handling the often turbulent waters of the Atlantic Ocean and vowed to fish every day possible to gain the local knowledge of the "big game bite."  We often find ourselves fishing 3-4 days a week with an unprecedented success rate.  Now it is time to pass on our passion for fishing to our customers.
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