well after being stuck at the dock for over 3 days we couldn't wait any longer we had a couple of friends in town from Tampa who were on their way back from Islamorada with a story of 3 cancelled charters due to weather.  We left the dock around 4:30 with Ray, LeAnn, Nate, and Lauren with our sights set on trolling offshore and catching the sunset bite.  As we made our way out the port we checked the forecast and realized the weather was not cooperating with our plans.  Typically the summer time storms will die off in the evening but this was not happening tonight.  Ray has fished with us for years and carries the same passion we do for a hot bite so we were not about to give up.  We made a quick stop at a restaurant inside the port for dinner and to wait out the weather, unfortunately this was not enough as we paid the tab the rain was still falling.  We made the decision to suit up in the rain gear and go try to find some snook and tarpon inshore fortunately this was the best decision we made all day.  As we approached our first spot we baited them up on artificial to make sure they were there, and of course that deadly incoming turned the bite on like a light switch.  Our first pull over the spot produced a strong hit which was hard to sell on the large hardware on the end of the line so we spun around and trolled it back over and right when we hit the hole BANG fish on!  Ray snapped up the rod and proceeded to punish this snook as any seasoned angler would.  Within 3 or 4 minutes we had Ray's fish boat side and up for pictures.

After Ray's battle with this beast we decided to try some live baits on the same spot which led to some very good results we proceeded to put LeAnn on a giant snook and Lauren also boated a monster.  LIVE ACTION at its finest!!!!

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